Berat Işık

“Lost Highway” With the Touch of Sarkis, 2019

Compressed Asphalt Cube
40x40x40 cm
2/2+1 AP
Price Category: 50.0000 - 100.000 TL

Those who have turned the world into a shithole, call them humankind, the superpowers, or what you will, keep walking their sacred path with their heads held high as if they will never be gripped by the very shithole they help create. 

          The Lost Highway is not a call, not a revolt, nor a cry for help.

The cube presents an abyss no matter which way you move. It thus presents an opportunity for us take a last look at that which has already plunged into the abyss. An invitation to thought, like that evoked by Malevich’s Square, on these last seconds, or decades, or centuries, before we too inevitably plunge into that very abyss. 

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