Bilge Alkor, Pınar Yoldaş Witness & Ecophilia

17/09/2019 - 19/10/2019

Ekavart Gallery

Bilge Alkor

“Witnesses / Tanıklar”

In the hands of Bilge Alkor, Angels and Demons become flesh between light refractions, colours and shadows, appearing between the existent and the extinction until it glows like a spark and fades into the night.

The chorus of witnesses who named the exhibition; we see angels and demons side by side, hidden in pebbles. In the light boxes, we watch them, and they watch us. The artist's interpretation of the angel and the devil is out of the traditional understanding. Alkor's angels are offended, defeated and unhappy in the theatre where they are spectators. She called her demons Lucifer, which means light. Demons powered by the name Lucifer are laughing into the game of humanity with seductive colours by cunningly disguising.

Gravure, which is defined as a rebellion against resistance of metal sheet for Alkor, and her passion for engraving bring the artist to Dürer's Melancolia, the angel contemplated in thoughts. Artist who is reinterpreting angel, puts a red apple in her hand by cleaning her icons, places the audience and her angel in timelessness.

She has created her works from oil painting to photography, from collage to photo-painting, from fine art print to icon with different techniques as if she stages theatre play. Duygu Barlas is the curator of the exhibition which brings together the works of the artist that she has produced and reinterpreted in the last ten years.

Dr. Pınar Yoldaş

“Ecophilia” - Too much World not enough Earth

Even if we break away from it day by day, we are much more connected to nature and natural life than our human mind can take. Nature and healthy natural life immediately affect us and add happiness to our health. Ecophilia is the name of human self-interest and love for nature in environmental psychology.

Interestingly, in Latin, ekos in other words, the environment, comes from the root of the “home”. So, when we say environmental problems (ecological issues) we are talking about home problems. Home, our home, ecophilia: to love your home. Love the planet Earth.

Preserving the natural life, health and continuity is the biggest problem and the biggest responsibility of the societies living in the 21st century. Global warming, plastic pollution in the oceans, air pollution in urban environments, habitat loss, soil and water pollution due to industrial agriculture affect not only natural life but also human health both physically and psychologically. Societies isolated from natural life and alienated from nature lead to generations without empathy.

In this exhibition, the artist and the scientist Yoldaş, presents a future laboratory to understand the complex relationship of natural life with technology. Yoldaş, who uses art to bring technology and love of life together, is waiting for art lovers and nature lovers for her second exhibition Ecophilia at Ekavart Gallery.

Coming soon...
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