Gizem Çeşmeci There’s No Space

17/10/2020 - 14/11/2020

Gizem Çeşmeci’s, first solo exhibition There’s No Space can be seen at Ferda Art Platform between 17.10.2020-14.11.2020. Çeşmeci’s exhibition There’s No Space, questions the feelings of attachment through conceptualisations of home and home as a space, while surveying the memory of cities. While this questioning depicts an almost dystopian city, it also undertakes the task of criticizing the increasing structuring of today's cities.

The works produced in various mediums in the exhibition convey the way the artist treats the perception of urban memory to the audience from different layers. The artist summarizes the existence of the concept of home in the city with the following words, "These places, which can be defined historically and in terms of identity, are invisible in the context of the city, as if they are located in the void in places, like objects that are located in the cities we live in but independent of space."

There’s No Space series witnesses Çeşmeci's questioning of forgotten, abandoned and ignored anonymous and unidentified buildings in past, present and future times. Çeşmeci, who once again invites to question the perception of "home" that has been going on for years, questions what "our houses" are and what they express in society and the physical urban fabric in her exhibition There’s No Space.

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