Erman Özbaşaran Muvazene

20/01/2023 - 25/02/2023

Bosfor - Karaköy

Gallery Bosfor is hosting Erman Özbaşaran's fourth solo exhibition titled "Muvazene" between 20 January and 11 March. The artist translates the memory of the gaze into a visual language in the exhibition, which features large-scale paintings focusing on surface and color. Erman Özbaşaran focuses on the space, the division of the surface, the color effects and the balance of the composition in his large-scale paintings with the “Muvazene” exhibition. The artist reconsiders the perception of time and space, which we encode with our view of a landscape, with the variability of the landscape in our memory and memory. The traces of a gaze coded with the landscape take the artist on a journey that evolves from meaning to technique on the painting surface. In his “Axis” series, Özbaşaran handled the distant landscape, space and horizon line with a concentrated look. Centering the problem of time and space on the surface of the painting, the artist divided the surface into two with a horizon line, pointing out how the lived time diverges and merges with the past and the future. Pictures of the same size, presented in large numbers and together, were distinguished from each other by differences in texture, color and light. With “Equilibrium”, the artist rescales the “Axis” series and achieves the effect of balance and unity between the parts on a grand scale. In "Muvazene", a more challenging process comes into play in terms of technical and compositional elements. It's almost as if a series produced by the artist expands and expands and pushes its limits with technical possibilities. The paintings in the “Muvazene” exhibition are predominantly in earth tones. The artist proceeds with the colors of the geography that is most familiar to him, where he lives and is familiar. In the paintings, in which oil paint is used with a fine print on the surface, both color blocks and the variation of a single tone stand out. The light values ​​captured with color differences on a single surface, the vitality and stability provided by the diversified texture effects give this painting a plain dynamic. With the balance that a photographic frame will come with gold, these paintings highlight Özbaşaran's color, line, technical details and complementary dominance. The “Muvazene” exhibition, in which the spatial orientation is conveyed from the mind through painting, is presented as an encounter between the artist's perspective and the viewer's perspective. With his view of the landscape, he first becomes the merging of the artist himself; and then the viewer of the picture... In the grand screening, a space of the picture that is beyond what is watched emerges. In his observations along the surface, Özbaşaran reduces the landscape to the natural about the universe. While forests, lands, mountains and seas are chosen between the earth and the sky in some places, the presence of the earth creates the characteristics of being earthly in those who are activated by the hemispheres.

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