Bora Başkan Any-Structure-Whatever

25/02/2017 - 25/03/2017

Öktem Aykut

Within any-moment-whatever, where no moment is superior to another, any-structure-whatever emerges inside any-geography-whatever. Their whateverness does not refer to the insignificance of their whichness, but to the fact that they have significance regarding all the instants and variations they have. This becoming-whatever steers as a regime capable of forming superior relations. Any-structure- whatever are consecutive ideas. Their whateverness renders invalid the priority and exclusiveness during the sequence. The width, length, and depth of the composition they manifest, in itself, consists of an eternal becoming-whatever. Any-structure-whatever are infinitesimals. Each becoming is a transition from the singular to the multiple at the same time. They are in a constant process of becoming, in a place where singular affects and their uniqueness manifest their multiplicity. Affects estab-lish a relationship, in a place with endless possibilities so as to form superior rela-tionships. Those relationships are effervescent and temporal in the sense that they transform the very place with which they intercommunicate. New places and new relations form in a continuum.

Each singular desires to fulfill its potentia agendi (the power of activity) and unite with multiplicity, through forming relations within its threshold. Singularity desires its own multiplicity in other singularities. Accordingly, singularities are potential mul-tiplicities and have no immanent world of their own. The movement made possible in a space familiar with the relations formed with other singularities within the po-tential multiplicity of their own singularity gives way to silence after a while. Within the checkered process of existing that depends on this variation regime, movement and silence emerge from each other and draw a non-linear graph. With the interde-pendent causality they possess, movement and silence performatively surround the infinitesimal singularities.

The forms of any-structure-whatever produce “eternal intersection points” instead of “placid and privileged instantaneities." While the pose inholds a particular type of hierarchy, the cross-section comes into existence going through any-instant-whatever and non-exclusive events. From the cross- sections emerge affection. It pursues the desire for becoming-multiple, stemming from the singularity of the form. Multiplicity can be discovered only inside the singular.

Any-structure-whatever are adjacent. They form superior relations through the thresholds between them and thus enhance their power. The more they interact, the more peculiar they get and profit from the power brought forth by this becom-ing-collective. The affect of becoming-collective multiplies through disintegration. Among those that are peculiar to themselves and those that are different than themselves, always residing an ever-updating power regime. As a result of this up-date, becoming- connected re-connects to the singular.

As infinitesimals, any-structure-whatever do not possess immanence. Only through getting in touch with each other can they form superior relations. The process of re-lating occurs through the threshold surrounding them. The two structures in this threshold organize so as to form a superior relationship between that thing consti-tuting their self and the other that is different from them. The affect regarding be-coming-multiple is produced here. The affects as results of relations lay fallow for a while so that they can acquire their own immanent worlds. Following this wait, Any-Structure-Whatever include the infinitesimals that constitute themselves in their world of infinite possibilities.

There is no hierarchy among any-structure-whatever. The differences lead to the re-gime of change- related inequalities, about the qualities of differences among them-selves. The differences generate different variations in different moments. Becom-ing-collective makes it possible for these variations to be viewed inside different zones at the same time. And difference, in turn, enables the ever-changing graph of the power to act, within multiplicity.

Each becoming opens itself up to space from the threshold included within its meta-physical geography. The representation dissolving into eternity consists of eternally related possibilities of power variations. Becoming becomes more powerful as a re-sult of the difference it produces itself. Different becomings flow into the same river. The same rivers have infinite different variations. Superior relations that form as a result of this very act of opening up to space define the ever-changing regimes of these rivers. And affect is produced here, as a result of ever-changing regimes.

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