Yonca Karakaş


Yonca Karakaş graduated from Yıldız Technical University Art and Design Faculty, Photography and Video Program in 2012. In 2014, she established her own studio, Y O N K A. In the same year she became a member of Pg Art Gallery.  She participated in many exhibitions in Turkey and abroad including galleries such as Akbank Art and Guy Hepner. She held her first solo exhibition in 2017 at Pg Art Gallery.

Any information and story passed onto next generations by their ancestors has unfortunately become the guiding light for today and tomorrow.  Holding on to this reality, the living creature gives shape to his/her constrained life accordingly, and cannot reach the actual reality in the world of ideas, which makes the essence of living, due to their way of construing things, thus keeps lingering around ideas. The artist generally tells the stories of the existing universe in alternative universes, while trying to discuss things in the context of history, religion and psychology. According to Karakaş, every knowledge acquired takes away all the freedom of the mind. Free mind loses its freedom completely due to dogmatic ideas acquired in time and never apprehends the process of losing.  The biggest problem of a human being who is in the effort of existence is that he/she sets on the way without being aware of several walls, which will eventually surround them. Unfortunately, this human being confronts a single set of mind at the end of the road. Reality… Everything we see as “reality” is the temporal and spatial relations we establish between “things”. All these meanings we assign to the existing things are not about their own aspect, they are about our experiential habits. In other words, we cannot obtain knowledge of the relations between beings; we can only assign meanings in our own way...

Yonca Karakaş, based on the discipline of photography, with her genetic engineering in her memory, shows her photographs, which she edited with plant, animal and human forms and which shows the situations that lead to the pursuit of perfection are based on the ideal life shaped by the sense of identity and belonging, to her viewers. She creates a brand new universe manipulating the viewers’ sense of “reality” through the objects, space, states and characters she uses. She provides chances to a new possibility through subjects such as; pieces of meat in frames, crosses made of candies, giant lobsters, perfect skins, android and cold characters avoiding eye contact, genes, cloning and memory.

Coming soon...
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