Sergey Narazyan

Sergey Narazyan


Born in 1970, Yerevan, Armenia. Sergey Narazyan’s first education of fine arts was in a drawing studio in Union of Architects of Armenia. In the following years, Narazyan took lessons in painting, drawing and composition in the studio of the well-known Armenian artist, Ruben Gabriyelyan.

His first solo exhibition took place in the exhibition hall of the Union of Architects of Armenia in 1994, where he immediately drew the attention of art critics with his crayon works. In the year 1995, he got admitted to the Union of Artists of Armenia at the age of 24, thanks to his illustrations to the Russian author Boris Pasternak’s novel “Doctor Zhivagho” which also constituted his master’s thesis.

Between the years 1995 and 1997, he reproduced every illustration in all pages and chapters of J. Swift’s renowned novel, “Gulliver’s Travels”. Blending amuzing and dramatic analogies with present-day life, Narazyan depicted iconic scenes such as the mass meeting on captured Gulliver’s body or the march of Lilliputian troops between Gulliver’s legs in recognizable reality, instead of Swift’s imaginary island.

Subsequently, Narazyan put together a collection of his paintings named “Provincial Tragedies”, where he expressed his caustic, ironical and sometimes even wicked observations on provincial life with a sincere approach. In 2001, Narazyan opened his third exhibition in Paris, with the personal assistance of the Academy of Arts of France member and UN Goodwill Ambassador Pierre Cardin, the renowned couturier. The exhibition consisted of 90 pieces; which included almost all of his principal works, as well as his other illustrations and paintings.

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