Şenay Ulusoy

Şenay Ulusoy


Born in 1977 in Bulgaria, Şenay Ulusoy graduated from Marmara University, Faculty of Fine
Arts, Sculpture Department. Ulusoy, who was deemed worthy of the 65th National Painting
and Sculpture Competition Sculpture Achievement Award in 2004, started to travel to these
regions in order to examine the "Far East Sculpture Art" in its homeland.
In addition to working on sculpting for many years, the artist designed mascots and
mannequins, was won Honorable Mention Award at the 31st Turgut Pura Foundation
International Sculpture Competition in 2012, and the Grand Prize at the Bazaart Art
Competition in 2015.

Ulusoy, who gave birth to her first child in the same year, participated in various exhibitions
and continues to sculpt in her studio in Istanbul.
Selected Exhibitions
2020- “Please Try Again Later..” / Solo Exhibition, Kambur Art Gallery, Arnavutköy
2019- “Recurcilation” / Various Artists Exhibition, CKM Art Gallery
2018- “Tomtom Designhood Festival” , Red Building, İstanbul
2017- “Homeage to Masters of Sculpture” / 9. Terrace Exhibition, Elgiz Museum
2016- “Fugitive Shadow” / 8. Terrace Exhibition, Elgiz Museum

Artist Statement
Through the concepts of the existentialist thought system like fear, anxiety, nonsense, absurd
etc., the artist emphasizes the subjects like temporality of life and the process of organic and
our mortality, by using the materials such as cotton fabric and wool in her works. with a very
colorful and sometimes humorous artistic way.
The artist, who is especially interested in the culture and artistic heritage of Far East, has
often traveled to these regions and traces this culture in her sculptures.
The oral tradition of Eastern culture’s storyteller approach and symbolic narrative leaves its
place to analysis of written concepts in the Western culture. In her works, the artist combines
concepts and symbols with a fairy-tale language by feeding from both cultures…

Coming soon...
Coming soon...
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