Hacer Kıroğlu

Hacer Kıroğlu


Hacer Kıroğlu (b.1985) lives and works in Istanbul. Hacer Kıroğlu recieved her BA and MA degrees from the Painting Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts at Marmara University, she continues her study as PhD student in the same department. During her graduate studies, she studied conceptual art at the University of Vienna.

The performative productions of Hacer Kıroğlu can be seen as reflections of her passionate approach, as well as her artistic strategy. Instead of performing in front of the audience, the artist is concerned with what remains after what has happened, how the rest is shown, how it is told, how it tells itself. In this sense, the products of her performances vary from video to photography, from graffiti to the object. The artist's work is the result of a repetition based on concentration, questioning boundaries and rules, and aims to create a rhythm. The rhythm that emerges as a result of these actions, reconstructs the action itself. 

The artist's love/hate relationship with domestic work (especially cleaning) ranges from cleaning the street walls to the white square of Malevich, from there to the smell of erasers.

Selected exhibitions include solo shows such as; Silent Squares (2018), curated by Inez Piso, Pasaj, Istanbul; Up the Hill Down the Slope (2017), Pilot Gallery, Istanbul alongside the group exhibitions; Ritual (Kasa Gallery, İstanbul, 2019), Untitled 2009 (Corridor Project Space, 2017), Illegibility (The Pan Tadeusz Museum, Poland, 2016), A Coincidence That Will Never Eliminate A Dice (Pilot, Istanbul, 2016), Performance Memory (Plato Art, Istanbul, 2015), Day Before Tomorrow (Pilot Gallery, Istanbul) (2015), Su İş (Siemens Sanat, Istanbul, 2013), Sculptural Actions (White Box, Munich, 2013), Facing the Artwork (Werkleitz: Center for Media Art, Halle, Germany, 2011).


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