Elvan Alpay

Elvan Alpay


The backbone of Elvan Alpay's artistic practice is the colorful flower and animal patterns used in the background of her canvases.Flower and leaf motifs made with acrylic on polyester film are in layers on the canvas.The artist, who defines the three-dimensional works of which the patterns both hide and appear, as “wall sculptures”, uses polyester because it does not lose its shape, is resistant to external factors such as wetting and tearing, and does not undergo deformation. The artist interprets the multicolored compositions that bring together plants and animals from nature such as reptiles, birds, frogs, leaves and trees as “visual poems”.These surreal universes constructed in three-dimensional works offer the viewer the healing and relaxing aspects of nature.The works created by Alpay with different colors and compositions remind us of the healing relationship we need to establish with nature for a colorful and peaceful world.

Titles such as "The Game Is Over / Let's Play", which the artist gave to her exhibitions, refer to the social and political order we are in, while titles such as "Biophilia" contain the hope that this order that progresses with endless stumbles will come to end and a more humane beginning.

Elvan Alpay (1968, Ankara) graduated from Marmara University Fine Arts Faculty in 1990. She completed her Master's Degree in Fine Arts at the same university in 1992. In addition to her solo exhibitions at Kıraathane Istanbul Literature House, Galeri Nev Istanbul, Gallery Nev Ankara, Paris Galerie Les Mondes de L'art, Istanbul Pera Museum, Gallery Nev Istanbul, Istanbul CAM Gallery, Sotheby's London, Istanbul Ataturk Cultural Center, Istanbul Gallery BM and participated in group exhibitions in museums and galleries such as the Istanbul State Painting and Sculpture Museum. Alpay, whose works take place in collections such as QNB Finansbank (Istanbul), OMM-Odunpazarı Modern Museum (Eskişehir) and Yıldız Holding (Istanbul), lives and works in Istanbul.

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