Elçin Acun

Elçin Acun


She was born in 1982 in Izmir. She graduated from Mimar Sinan University Department of Statistics in the 3rd grade and decided to study photography and studied at the same university. Elçin Acun, who is currently working as a research assistant and continuing her Proficiency in Arts at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Photography Department, produces conceptual art projects.

Artist Statement

I produce conceptual fictional artworks using photography and video. I usually design my works as installations. I am interested in editing the two-dimensional and flowing image in space and moving it to other platforms. I usually produce my work within the framework of concepts such as body, gender and women's policies. In my works, I create female characters that remain in extraordinary situations and I embody these characters with my own subject. These women, which I portray using my own image, are sometimes trapped in a loop in "futile efforts", and sometimes try to get rid of only "invisibility". In an undefined universe they always have to live the same cycle again and again, they are in a present-day which rules now. This cycle represents the roles assigned to gender identity and the cycle of self-reproduction which based on repetition. These characters, which do not have a past or belonging, are only body representations, are perceived as if they do not have a personal story. However, since in these fictions I prefer to use my own body, it is not only a representation but rather a personal approach.


Coming soon...
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