Brigitte Spiegeler

Brigitte Spiegeler


Brigitte Spiegeler 

Brigitte Spiegeler is a Dutch artist who graduated in fine arts from the Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague (The Netherlands) in 2008.  Her work can be seen at international exhibitions in China, Turkey, Germany, Italy, Hungary and France. She has participated in the  Venice Biennial in 2017. She uses a variety of techniques, such as photography, painting, ceramic, poetry and installation. Spiegeler’s  works are about an imaginary time which only exists in our minds: in her words “a time without a time, vague with some details popping  up, the memory is now, right here, but at the same time endlessly far away and intangible”. 

She also has a passion for language and her second volume of poetry entitled ‘Plagiarism & Parody’ has been published last year by  Uitgeverij In de Knipscheer. The first volume a of poetry entitled ‘The Art of War, languishing poems and other temporary cease fires’  has been published by Uitgeverij In de Knipscheer in 2015. She is now working on a collection of poems on Rembrandt and his work  

entitled ‘Without equal’. Her works are in several international collections including the WanQi Art Museum, Dehua, China and  various private collections in Germany, Turkey and the Netherlands. Brigitte Spiegeler continues to live and work in Netherlands. 

Solo Exhibitions 

2015 Tracing the Locus, Anna Laudel, Istanbul 

Vuurpauze, A Gallery named Sue, The Hague, NL 

2014 Art the Hague, with a Gallery named Sue, The Hague, NL 

Sommernachmittag, A Gallery named Sue, The Hague, NL 

2013 Anonymous Drawing 2013, Galerie Nord/Kunstverein Tiergarten, Berlin, Germany 

Nomade, Galerie St. Laurent, Leukerbad, Switzerland 

Reverse Disclosure, EPO, Rijswijk, NL 

2012 Nomade, WIPO, Genève, Switzerland 

Nomade, Château de Montcherand, Genève, Zwitserland 

Byzantine Blue, Anna Laudel (Formerly ART350), Istanbul, Turkey 

Play, Zon MW, The Hague, NL 

2011 IINFIINIIT, PEM, The Hague, NL 

Anoniem Gekozen: ‘Nieuwe meesters van de Lage Landen’, Gemeentemuseum, The Hague, NL 

Artstart, Art Rotterdam, Rotterdam, NL 

Group Exhibitions 

2019 Les Maîtres des Pays-Bas, Atelier néerlandais, Paris, France 

Housewarming II, Anna Laudel, Düsseldorf, Germany 

Presentation poetry collection ‘Without equal’ 

Portrait, Haagse Kunstkring, The Hague, Netherlands

2018 Great Walls of Chongqing, Contesthink, Chongqing, China 

In the spirit of Schwitters, The Hague, Netherlands 

Tracing the Locus, PinYao Photofestival, PinYao, China 

Just Around, Salon KK, The Hague, The Netherlands 

Presentation poetry book ‘Plagiarism & Parody’ together with photography, Stichting Perdu, Amsterdam,  Netherlands 

Extaze, Performance of photography and poetry, the Hague, Netherlands 

The summer exhibition, Anna Laudel, Istanbul, Turkey 

Fresh, Haagse Kunstkring, The Hague, Netherlands 

Poetry performance with sculptures at See Lab, The Hague, The Netherlands 

2017 Personal Structures – Open Borders, Palazzo Bembo, Venice Biennial, Italy 

Photo Shanghai, ArtCN Gallery, Shanghai, China 

Rooms & Walls, Anna Laudel, Istanbul, Turkey 

ArtCN Gallery, Hidden Sceneries-Floating Memories, duo show with Adriaan Rees, Shanghai, China 

An Experimental Photographic Research on Time and The Genius Loci, Nanjing University Art Class, Nanjing, China Er is mij verteld, poetic work, Kröller-Müller Museum, Otterloo, Netherlands 

2016 Dragon’s Alchemy, WanQi Art Museum, De Hua, China 

Tracing the Locus, solo, Photo Beijing, Beijing World Art Museum, China 

A bit of everything, Anna Laudel, Istanbul, Turkey 

2015 Beijng International Art Biennial, National Museum of Art, Beijing, China 

International Contemporary Ceramic Art Symposium, Dehua, China 

Woest, Zomerexpo, Gemeentemuseum, The Hague, NL 

Colourful Journey WTC Gallery, The Hague, NL 

Contemporary Rotterdam, A Gallery named Sue, Rotterdam, NL 

Gallery Inez at the TEFAF, Maastricht, NL 

2014 Guardian of the Edge, ECJ, Luxemburg 

The one thing you never sing of or hang in a tree, ARTtrium, The Hague, NL 

2013 Contemporary Istanbul, Gallery Art350, Istanbul, Turkey 

Karma Group Show, Gallery Art350, Istanbul, Turkey 

2012 The Hague people without Isaac (duo show) Pulchri Studio, The Hague, NL 

Female figures in urban reality (group show), International Photo Biennale Amsterdam, Amsterdam, NL

Residencies & Awards 

2019 Residency at Barbara Residency, Ayvalik, Turkey 

2017 Teaching workshop ‘Blickfeld’, Nanjing Art University, Nanjing, China 2016 Residency at Wan Qi Art Centre, De Hua, China 

2015 Residency at the International Contemporary Ceramic Art Symposium, De Hua, China 2012 Residency MAPRA (Maison des Arts Plastiques Rhône-Alpes), Lyon, France 2011 Residency Maasvlakte 2, invited by the Port of Rotterdam 

2010 Co-founder Verbeelding 2.0. Foundation, independent office for fine art and public space 2009 Residency, Hungarian Multicultural Center, Budapest, Hungary


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