Pg Art Gallery


Pg Art Gallery is a contemporary art gallery in Istanbul founded in 1993 by Pırıl Güleşçi Arıkonmaz and has been exhibiting mid-career to established Turkish artists. One of the first galleries in the landscape of Turkish contemporary art, Pg Art Gallery pioneered in showcasing early career artists during the 1990s who have gone on to become established figures in Turkish art; accordingly, in recent years, the gallery has turned again to support emerging artists as a part of its commitment to the grass-roots development of artistic practices in Turkey. A number of prolific contemporary artists from abroad have also taken part in the program of exhibitions and special attention has been given to young Turkish artists living abroad who do not have local representation in Istanbul.
Pg Art Gallery is one of the most significant players in the primary art market in Turkey and in the past decade the gallery moved from the northern neighborhood of Bebek to Istanbul’s historical downtown, in order to be closer to the galleries hub. While the focus throughout has remained in Turkey, as a part of the internationalization strategy of Pg Art Gallery, we have increased our participation in international art fairs since the mid-2000’s and have started a number of collaborations with like-minded galleries and corporate partners. As a book documenting the gallery’s forthcoming 25 years in 2018 is in preparation, Pg Art Gallery’s program continues to evolve, reflecting not only the profound transformation of the Turkish art landscape in recent years but also its ongoing globalization.

Contact Information
Atatürk Oto Sanayi Sitesi, 2. Kısım A Kapısı, 6. Sokak üst katı No.171
Working Hours
Tuesday/Saturday 12:00-18:00